The Annual

Supreme League


Masters Of


23.06.2018 The Hague

How can we solve the problem of disinformation? Fact-checking? Education? Censorship? 

Valiant efforts, but hopeless wastes of time!

If we want to make a difference, we have to be able to think like troll commanders. We need to understand the way they organise, who they will target and what their best implemented practices are. The only way to find this out is by building the First Dutch Troll Army, which is exactly what we will be doing on the 23rd of June. And we want you to join us!

Get excited; we are flying in a former employee of the world's most famous troll factory and we will get help from the research-journalist who unmasked Dotan. On top of this, we have found a willing -high-level- target that is excited to hear every detail about the attack we will be planning on them.

On the 23rd we will create the building blocks for our troll factory and stage a strategic attack. What technical infrastructure do we need? How can we target our messages? How can we manipulate different audiences? These are all questions which we will tackle during the event. Active participation will be awarded with an official rank in the Masters of Disinformation Troll Army.


Lyudmila Savchuk
Lyudmila used to work at the best known troll factory in the world, the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg. As an undercover journalist she published work about the secretive inner workings of the troll farm. Based on her personal experience, she will guide us through the process of becoming the most effective troll army. 

Robert van der Noordaa
Robert is an expert troll hunter. He recently exposed the Dutch musician Dotan as troll master. Months of in-depth research uncovered vast systems of fake accounts that supported the artist, which Robert subsequently exposed. What can we learn from the musicians mistakes? Robert will save us from Dotan's pitfalls.


Saturday, June 23rd

12:00 - 20:00

Secret Location in The Hague
(more information is provided after registration)

Participation is free
Food and beverages are included
English is the lingua franca 

Drinks and a party will be hosted afterwards to celebrate a successful day! 

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Become part of the First Dutch Troll Army

We are looking for enthusiastic creative minds in all varieties: technical, social, visual, textual, psychological, communicational, or whatever other super power you possess. Participating in the event means working in teams to develop ideas and MVP’s in multiple sessions during the day. The event is free, including food and beverages.

You can either apply as individual or as a team. We will create teams based on skills and profiles. If you want to stick together with your friends, fill in your team name below!